Kinetic Art & Technology (KAT) provides an array of engineering services in support of its partner's product development efforts. These services are generally available in the areas of design, fabrication and testing of motors, generators, and associated control electronics. KAT's staff of engineers is equipped with powerful design and analysis tools and is uniquely qualified to develop high-performance motor and generator systems. Besides having a great depth of experience to draw from in the fields of motion control and generator systems, KAT engineers are also known for their ability to find creative solutions to problems. KAT engineers have been known to find creative solutions to issues extending far beyond fields directly related to SEMA technology, as might be expected from a group of creative and innovative individuals.

In-depth engineering experience, over the course of what is now exceeding 20 years, has equipped the KAT staff with a vast array of tools, knowledge and the ability to leverage these strengths to its customers' advantage. KAT can handle projects from pure research to complete product development and testing. SEMA motor and generators are in production now, and KAT can assist in locating or providing the production, semi-custom or full custom motion or generator system solution to meet a customer's needs.

Whether a customer's needs are for mechanical models generated in SolidWorks CAD software, or mathematical models representing electromechanical systems, or even FEA models of magnetic flux fields or thermal paths, KAT has great expertise in these areas. Tools that KAT has at its disposal include and are not limited to: Pro/E, MatLab, SimuLink, Mathcad, Ansys, AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop, SolidWorks, Cosmos, Texas Instruments CodeComposer, CAN debugging tools and Xilinx ISE Design Suite.

KAT maintains the ability to manufacture motors in smaller quantities at its Greenville facility, and production quantities through its partners. Controllers, control systems, circuit boards and inductor cards can be produced in prototype quantities at KAT's facilities. Some prototypes and all production volumes can be produced through KAT's electronics manufacturing partner, Electronics Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (EMS) of Mooresville, Indiana.

The KAT staff has broad experience in analysis work and analytical reporting, including statistical analysis, data analysis, electromechanical systems analysis, and finite element analysis. Verifying designs through the collection of test data is integral to the nature of KAT's business. KAT owns or has access to state of the art test equipment for a range of motor sizes, and is very experienced in motor related testing. KAT can provide detailed reports of predicted and actual measured system performance.

From the very beginning, KAT has worked with both off-the-shelf and custom controls systems to provide innovative controls solutions to match KAT's own revolutionary SEMA technology. KAT can therefore provide a turn-key motion control system incorporating off-the-shelf, custom or semi-custom controls.

Click here to view a PDF file describing KAT's engineering services. A Motor/Generator Customer Application Form can also be downloaded, completed and provided to KAT to expedite the quoting process for new motor or generator solutions inquiries.

Webpages describing KAT's motor/generator design solutions in more detail, KAT's OEM controls solutions and KAT's dynamometer testing services will be added shortly.

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