What is SEMA Technology?

SEMA, or Segmented ElectroMagnetic Array, is a new architecture for permanent magnet electric motors and controllers for electric motor, generator and actuator applications requiring high power density and high efficiency. This new electric motor design methodology is based on recent advances in materials, computer aided design, control, and a new appreciation for certain principles of electromotive physics. SEMA motor and controller technology was developed by Kinetic Art & Technology Corp. (KAT) and innovations at KAT continue to enhance SEMA technology and keep it at the leading edge of electric machine technology - culmminating recently with the release of 2sTM SEMA technology. SEMA has been commercialized by Lynx Motion Technology Corp, which continues to offer SEMA manufacturing licenses to qualified manufacturers.

Many applications may benefit from or require a motor drive with high power density and very low torque ripple. These include precision motion control, naval propulsion systems, and acoustically sensitive applications. However, conventionally designed motors often lack the required power density or possess magnetic characteristics that inherently produce low frequency torque oscillations.

In addition, SEMA technology, especially with recent advancements, demonstrates incredible specific power and specific torque, especially peak torque. Perhaps one of the greatest growth areas for SEMA, in a world increasingly recognizing the need for power efficiency, is in high efficiency motor and generator applications. SEMA is an excellent choice, given its incredible efficiency, with demonstrated efficiencies of greater than 98 percent.

The PDF article, An Introduction to SEMA Technology, contains a technical overview of SEMA, an overview of current and potential applications and markets, and a summary of technical progress. The PDF document SEMA Features & Benefits provides a detailed description of the features and benefits of the SEMA Technology. If you would like more detailed information, please don't hesitate to contact us here at KAT.

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