A company is only as good as the gifted individuals that compose that company. The terms "KAT" and "KAT people" are synonymous. While our buildings, computers, and patents are tools for us, KAT is, in essence, the people who have committed themselves to the KAT vision. Below is a brief biography of some of our team members. Each is individually gifted, and a vital part of the KAT synergy.

Roy Kessinger, President & Keeper of the Vision - KAT began in 1990 when Roy left Martin Marietta Aerospace Corporation to start Visual Computing Systems (later renamed Kinetic Art and Technology). By 1993, after gathering a team of engineers and securing some Government research funding to develop robotic concepts, Roy coinvented the company's core technology; i.e. the SEMA coil. Roy graduated from the University of Louisville with a Master of Engineering degree in 1982. His career before starting KAT was primarily as manager of the Martin Marietta NTB MediaLab, which provided the electronic communication and media needs for a large Air Force computer simulation facility. At KAT, Roy has led the team of hardware and software engineers to develop a set of modular, general-purpose motion control products for numerous industries. He has served as Principal Investigator of DARPA, DoE, Air Force and NASA sponsored research into high-power-density motors, controllers, coils, and Rotary Integrated Modules. Bottom line: Motion is Roy's business. He acknowledges, however, "I am an engineer, inventor and businessman, but the primary skill that has been credited to me is that of attracting talented people to collectively accomplish much more that I ever could working by myself".

Keith Seymour, Electrical/Magnetics Engineering Lead - Keith graduated from the Speed Scientific School, University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1991 and a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering 1993 and is E.I.T. licensed. Keith has been with KAT since graduating. His role at KAT includes performing electromagnetic finite element analysis for validation of existing SEMA designs and virtual prototyping of new designs, conducting demonstrations of SEMA performance, and interfacing with potential customers and investors, explaining KAT's technology and engineering capabilities. Keith also oversees and performs various motor system testing. Keith set up KAT's testing laboratory and developed LabVIEW software virtual instruments and modules for the control of the data acquisition system. Keith and his wife have two sons.

Brian Dempster, Mechanical Engineering Lead - Brian is a talented and hardworking mechanical engineer with great strength and experience in manufacturing. Brian is an inventor in his own right. Not only does Brian routinely demonstrate genius in his design solutions, but his background in manufacturing helps to turn KAT's concepts into producible products.

Jeremy Brunoehler, Engineering Technician - Jeremy has an Associates degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Before joining KAT in 2000, he worked as a Graphic Designer for Blue Heon Sign Works in Bloomington, IN for seven years. Currently Jeremy provides engineering support, procuring and assembling electronic components, testing motors, and assisting in the day-to-day tasks associated with the development of motors and controllers. When Jeremy's not at work, you may find him mountain biking or scuba diving. He also enjoys building fast computers.

Sue Shearer, Office Manager/Accounting - Sue joined the company in early 2008 and brings a wealth of accounting experience to the company.

Randy Kessinger, Machinist and Facilities Manager - Randy is KAT's in-house machinist. Randy spearheads the day-to-day fabrication and fixturing needs for prototyping and testing KAT's ever evolving technologies. When he's not performing these duties, Randy manages KAT's three buildings on the Greenville campus. Before joining KAT, Randy was an Instrument Technician at International Harvester and a Layout Inspector at Louisville Forge and Gear. He also worked in Quality Control at Precision Tool and Die and was President of Seal-Pro Coatings. Randy has earned several certifications related to inspection and has been certified to perform government work. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycles, hot rods, and antiques.

Cindy Mahan, Mechanical Engineer - Cindy joined the company in 2008 and quickly became a great contributor to the team.

Tharon Hall, Systems & Controls Lead - Tharon has an Associates Degree and Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University, graduating in 1992. He has a diverse controls background spanning different industries. Tharon moved to the area for the opportunity to develop NASA hardware and that dream continues with KAT. Two of his passions are electric vehicles and wind power. Outside of work, he is kept quite busy by his four children. He still occasionally finds time for a good computer game and reading. You may find him playing Wizard 101 online with his kids. He is an active member in his church, teaches Bible classes and preaches on occasion. His alter ego is The Green Avenger.

Additional KAT People coming soon, including Matt, Sergey, Larry and Jamie. The KAT website is currently being redone and they will be featured on the new site. In addition to the new faces, many of the photos and bios will be updated as well.

Roberta Curry was an employee of KAT for many years. She finally lost her battle with cancer in December of 2007. She was a fighter and an encouragement to many others who battled cancer. Roberta is gone, but not forgotten.

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