Kinetic Art & Technology is pleased to present the 2sTM Standard SEMA line of proprietary Segmented Electro-Magnetic Array motors and generators. This motor line represents the latest advances in SEMA motor technology and further builds on the incredible advantages of the SEMA technology already experienced by customers in various markets and applications.

SEMA is a unique architecture for permanent magnet electric motors and generators for electric motor, generator and actuator applications requiring high power density and high efficiency. SEMA motors also find application where extremely high peak torques are required and where extremely smooth, very precise motion is required. This electric motor design methodology is based on advances in materials, computer aided design, control, and a new appreciation for certain principles of electromotive physics.

In production since 1999, SEMA motors represent a revolution in motor technology, and the 2sTM line of SEMA motors represents a major step forward in expanding the market for this cutting edge technology.

2sTM motors incorporate improvements in both materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, all 2sTM motors can be built as multi-slice machines. There are currently three families in the 2sTM motor/generator line - the 2s-158-6, the 2s-330-16, and the 2s-446-10 family, with additional motor families under development. Preliminary specifications are available for these motors. Please contact us for further information.

You can also download the 2sTM Splash Page.

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