Kinetic Art & Technology Corporation (KAT) is a diverse and distributed team dedicated to changing the way in which people utilize energy.

KAT conceives and implements more efficient and precise ways to transform energy to and from the kinetic domain (mechanical motion) and other energy domains (such as electrical and thermal). Our primary technology focus is in the areas of electric motors, generators, and associated low-level control electronics.

KAT invented and patented an axial-gap, permanent magnet electric motor/generator technology, Segmented ElectroMagnetic Array (SEMA), that has specific advantages when compared with conventional motors. The advantages of this technology are accompanied by characteristics which have given opportunity to cultivate expertise in inverter electronics and power electronics design. Applications include: servo motors, propulsion motors for hybrid and pure electric vehicles, a space shuttle electric auxiliary power unit, electromechanical actuators, high efficiency generators including wind turbine generators, automotive motors, pump motors, and motors for consumer power tools. The motors and generators developed to serve these applications range in size from 3" diameter to 32" diameter, and even smaller and far larger sizes are possible.

Since 1990, we have been growing our company, expanding our technologies, and refining our vision. After 20 years of development, we are now seeing our efforts converging with several worldwide trends. This is bringing about the rapid implementation of KAT concepts in ways that will bring about entirely new industries, based on our motor and generator technology. Working with our partners, we will bring about real benefits to people worldwide; electrifying the world in a sustainable way.

new website Kinetic Art & Technology is currently constructing a revised website to present an online image of the company that is a better reflection of the innovative spirit that is integral to the culture at KAT. It will also do a better job of highlighting the technologies and the KAT innovators that are forging ahead and furthering the state of the art in motor/generator, and related, technologies. Many great things are happening at KAT, and the website is the window into those success stories.

A preview of the new site will be brought online shortly. While the new website is under construction, the current website is also being updated. New motor and generator families and technological advances are currently underway. We encourage visitors to return often to check for updates.

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